Why Matuu is one town to watch in  real estate investments

Are you a keen follower of real estate trends in Kenya? Have you subscribed for property news alerts in Kenya?. If yes, you might have received an offer to invest in land and plots for sale in Matuu. 

Matuu has become a real estate hotspot in Kenya in the recent past.

This blog articulates the reasons as to why Matuu area has attracted massive real estate investments in Kenya. The article also share the average cost of land in Matuu area in Machakos County.

Why Matuu Town?

To begin with, Matuu is a town located in Machakos County. It is midway between Nairobi/ Kitui en route to Garissa.

Matuu Town has experienced rapid growth in recent years. It has now become one of the largest urban centres in Machakos County.

This town has gradually become an economic hub of the surrounding constituencies.

It has also become a key transit centre to Nairobi, Thika and parts of Central and Eastern Kenya.


Role of devolution in Matuu


Secondly, the growth of devolution has greatly opened up counties for real estate investments.

Matuu, in Machakos County is one of the areas that has experienced massive infrastructural growth.

This has opened up the area for investments both for residents and Nairobians looking for affordable plots for sale with prices below Ksh 200,000.


Tarmac roads in Matuu


Thirdly, the recent tarmacking of Kivandini -Masinga Road, off Thika - Garissa highway. This has made Matuu and Musingini areas accessible and prime for real estate investments.

Real estate companies are now offering cheap plots for sale touching Kivandini-Masingini tarmac, touching Thika - Garissa highway and near Matuu Town.


Social amenities


Matuu has amenities such as schools, health facilities, shopping facilities and religious centres.

This has made it easy for investors willing to build residential homes and commercial facilities..

With this development record, there is no doubt that in 2 years’ time, Matuu town will have grown immensely and prices of land will skyrocket.


Upcoming Matuu cement factory


Lastly, in the recent past, Machakos County Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua, announced that a new cement factory is set to be constructed in Matuu.

This new development will create job opportunities and enhance economic growth of the area. Development of this factory will lead to better transportation as road networks will continue to be improved around the area to enable transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Livelihoods in Matuu will improve due to creation of employment opportunities. Urbanization will also be witnessed as people will move to the area. In the same vein, real estate investors will also have easy access to cheap cement when constructing their homes.

This means that investors purchasing cheap plots near Matuu will easily develop their properties.

This will also lead to appreciation of land prices in the area due to population growth.

In conclusion, if you are young person looking forward to tap into the growth of counties, Matuu is an area you can consider investing in. Leading real estate companies in Kenya are offering affordable and value 50 x 100 plots in Matuu.

Properties in Matuu are selling with prices as low as Ksh 199,000 and touching tarmac roads.

In you are thinking of owning a property in Machakos, consider plots in Matuu.