Top 4 best, genuine and trusted real estate companies in Nakuru Town

The real estate market in Kenya has continued to expand to counties. This has replicated to counties. Nakuru real estate has also grown in line with this.

Due to factors such as devolution, population increase and growth of infrastructure in the 47 counties, the real estate sector  in counties has continued to grow.

The real estate sector in Nakuru County has also grown over time. Nakuru is one of the places where Kenyans have invested in houses and land for sale either for commercial or residential purposes.

Recently the Nakuru Municipality was approved to become Nakuru City. This is now the fourth city in Kenya. With this new development, more real estate companies will focus on selling land in Nakuru

Before  we share a list of top land selling companies in Nakuru, let us enumerate the benefits real estate investors get after investing in Nakuru.


What real estate investors in Nakuru will gain in 2021


  • World Class Infrastructure

Nakuru will begin to witness emergence of key infrastructural projects that meet city status.

Key notable infrastructures are already coming up in Nakuru. They include the ongoing upgrade of Nakuru Airport to international standards and expansion of Nairobi – Nakuru highway to a 4 lane dual carriage which is set to begin this year in September.


  • International Investments 

In 2018, Nakuru was selected by World Bank to pioneer affordable housing projects.

The houses in Nakuru will be built on a 50 acre-land along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. This is just a few investments that Nakuru will witness with its new status.


  • Growth of Industries in Nakuru

in the recent past Nakuru has witnessed growth of national factories. This is expected to increase with the new city status.

Other notable ones include the mega industrial park in Naivasha and Kengen’s Business park.


  • Reviving of the Railway Line 

Kenya Railways has laid down a plans where experts tasked with delivering the Ksh 3.7B project are expected to complete the rehabilitation of the 216km line.

Reviving this railway line will give Nakuru an extra means of transport for people and cargo.


  • City Standards Building Plans 

Nakuru will soon adopt City Status building plans within the city and its environs. This will ensure that the landscape of the city meets world standards.


  • Assured Property Appreciation in Nakuru

Growth of infrastructure translates to capital gains in real estate. Investors who have invested in residential and commercial properties will soon reap benefits from their investments.


This growth has attracted a number of land selling companies in Nakuru. Today, we will have a look on 4 genuine real estate companies in Nakuru and what they do.


Username Investment Ltd

Username Investment Limited is the leading Kenyan based real estate and development Company.

The company desires to provide the current and upcoming generation with a place they can call home.

Username has accomplished over 43 land projects across the country. In Nakuru , they have over 7 projects; namely The Hamptons Nakuru Phase I & II, Springfield - Nakuru Phase I, II, III & IV  and Harmony Gardens Nakuru.

The company has participated in key events and awards in Nakuru region including Nakuru ASK Show.

Username Properties won the Best Stand in Property and Real Estate at ASK Show Nakuru and nationally Top 100 Mid-sized Companies Award by KPMG among others.

Username Investments Nakuru Office is located in Assumption Centre 4th Floor. 


Jojean Properties

Jojean Properties Limited strives to ensure that your property purchases and sales, as well as property management needs are very well taken care of and administered, while you enjoy peace of mind.

The company has set the pace and is working towards their main goal which is customer satisfaction and to remain leaders in the industry.

Jojean Properties is development oriented, with a solid culture of business ethics and dedication to quality service provision.


Capital Care

The company gives clients the best property services and values in the market.

They also give them the relevant information required to make informed decisions through dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

Services offered include; Property Management, Assessment of Rent Service Charge, Property Letting.

The company strives to give clients access to substantial exposure and to our pool of high-quality tenants the turnover time for their properties and achieving a better price


Danco Limited

Danco Limited is a professional real estate consultancy powerhouse providing integrated real estate consultancy services to its clients. 

Danco goes beyond limit to provide required services and information to clients that leaves them satisfied and ready to boldly take their real estate decisions.

The wealth of experience that the company has both locally and internationally gives them confidence to take challenges on behalf of their clients.


Average Cost of Land in Nakuru

There are various properties on offer in Nakuru; commercial and residential. The price of residential land in Nakuru ranges from Ksh 600,000 to Ksh 2M.

Commercial properties in Nakuru range from Ksh 1M and above depending with the location.


Average Returns of Real Estate in Nakuru

According to real estate analysis done in Nakuru in 2018, the average returns for real estate market in Nakuru is 14.9%.

This is the highest returns compared to other investment vehicles. This is expected to be higher as the county has experience key infrastructures in the recent past.


Factors Influencing Prices of Properties in Nakuru


Population growth

Nakuru has a growing population being a cosmopolitan county.

The town has expanded along Nakuru - Pipeline Road, Nakuru - Eldoret Highway, Nakuru - Nyahururu Road, Nakuru - Nyandarau route etc.

This has led to increased commercial and residential properties near Nakuru.




Nakuru is a rich agricultural county. From food crops to cash crops the area has constitently produced farm products for both local and international use.

This has lead to appreciation of land prices are more farmers seek arable land for their activities.


Ongoing Developments in Terms of Infrastructure


Nakuru has continuosly witnessed good roads, interchanges, factories, malls and supermarkets that have grown immensely over the years.

This has continued to cause appreciation of property prices across the county.


Areas You Can Find Affordable and Cheap Properties in Nakuru



Sobea is a largely residential area along Nakuru - Eldoret highway.

It is home to the recently launched Simba Cement Factory. Over the years, this area has investors looking for affordable properties in Nakuru.

A company such as Username Investments has been offering land properties in Sobea for the past few years. The recent project was Springfield - Nakuru Phase IV.

Prices of Land in Sobea in Nakuru range from Ksh 599,000 to over 1M. 

If you are looking for affordable land in Nakuru, Sobea is the best place to invest in.



Ngata is another area that has grown massively in residential developments.

This area is along Nakuru - Eldoret highway. As you drive along this key highway, you will notice posh and luxurious estates that have shaped Nakuru real estate.

From the recent Property Index by Hass Consult, Ngata is among the satellite towns in Kenya whose land prices are increasing by the day.

If you are looking for properties for residential developments in Nakuru, Ngata is a place to consider investing.


Pipeline in Mutaita

Pipeline is a popular town along Nakuru - Nairobi just before Nakuru Town.

This is another area whose real estate investments has attracted investors both in Nakuru County and in Kenya.

There are a number of companies offering land in Pipeline at affordable rates.


In conclusion, Nakuru has become a real estate investment choice for many Kenyans, do not be left behind.