What you need to know regarding Title Deed Conversion in Kenya by The Ministry of Land

What you need to know regarding Title Deed Conversion in Kenya by The Ministry of Land

The Ministry of Land is currently conducting Title Deed Conversion and in a recent twitter conversation with the hashtag #TitleDeedConversionKE below are the key things Kenyans need to know regarding the exercise.

What is Title Deed Conversion?

Title Deed Conversion is the process of migrating all parcels from the repealed land registration statutes to a unitary regime under the Land Registration Act, 2012. All title deeds acquired under the repealed land laws will be replaced with new ones, in compliance with the Land Registration Act, 2012

Will the title deed conversion exercise incur any costs?

Kenyans will not incur any costs as the conversion will be done free of charge

Will operations at the Land’s Registry be affected by the conversion exercise?

The conversion exercise will not affect ongoing activities at the Ministry.

How do i know if my title deed is affected by the title deed conversion?

The exercise is being done systematically, and affected titles will be listed in the Gazette Notice before new title deeds are processed and issued.

What measures has the registry put to curb fraud cases?

Several measures have been put in place to curb cases of fraud at the Ministry, among them is the development of a digital land information management system.

When will the title deed conversion begin?

The title deed conversion process is already underway. The process has begun in Nairobi before extending it to other parts of the country

How long does title deed conversion take?

Once the process of replacement commences, the replacement of titles will be instant.

Is it possible for two or more people to have genuine title deeds?

It is not possible for two or more people to have "genuine" title deeds. Only one title deed, in this case, would be genuine.

What are the documents required for the purposes of title deed conversion?

A landowner will be required to present an application to the Registrar in Form 97 and attach the original title and copies of their identification documents.

Is title deed conversion available on e-citizen portal?

No, it is not available online since the proprietor has to surrender their old title deed for them to be issued with a new one under the Land Registration Act, 2012.

How is the Ministry of Land planning to communicate to Kenyans regarding the title deed conversion?

There are several sensitisation programmes that will be rolled out in the coming days to improve public awareness

The key steps involved when obtaining new title deed or how to obtain the new title deeds or how to conduct title deed conversion in Kenya

  1. Preparation of cadastral maps together with a conversion list (by the Ministry)
  2. Publication of the cadastral maps together with a conversion list
  3. Lodgment and consideration of complaints
  4. Closure of old registers and commencement of transactions in the new register
  5. Application for replacement of title documents from the old registers.


Basically, once the parcels have been listed in the Kenya Gazette, landowners will be given 90 days to file their complaints after which they will be required to submit their old title deeds, supporting documents, and ID card to be able to acquire the new title deed.