Facts About Nakuru County You Need to Know as an Investor

Located northwest of Nairobi in the Great Rift Valley is Nakuru County that prides in having an estimated population of approximately 2,162,202, according to 2019 census by Kenya Nationally Bureau of Statistics.

Nakuru town also enjoys an influx of Universities, Colleges and International Schools making the county host both local and international students.

Below are key facts about Nakuru that are useful in shaping every investors decision who is looking forward to invest in this county.


Nakuru is fastest growing town


The UN Habitat in 2013 listed Nakuru as one of the fastest-growing towns in East and Central Africa owing to its central location.

Nakuru is also the fourth largest town in Kenya and the second richest county in Kenya after Nairobi with a 6.1 percent share of the GDP according to Kenya Bureau of Statistics


Nakuru is home to major tourist attraction sites


Nakuru is a popular transit hub. The county boasts of key tourist attraction sites such as Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park, Menengai Crater among others.


Key infrastructural developments


The county has a newly built multi-million shillings Kunste interchange at the Nyahururu turn off that has eased traffic as you get into Nakuru Town and provides a scenic view of the town.

The Njoro interchange has also turnoff along the Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret highway have completely spruced up the face of Nakuru town.

Nakuru – Nairobi highway is also set to be expanded to a dual carriage and this is expected to ease traffic load along the busy highway.    

Nakuru has witnessed emergence of factories with the recent launch of a cement factory making the area ripe for investments.


Nakuru is Set to become a city


In 2017, the cabinet approved the Urban Areas and Cities Amendment Bill, paving way for Nakuru and Eldoret towns to be elevated to cities.

The World Bank also gave Nakuru Ksh 1 Billion for urban growth projects as the town gears up to become a city.

This will make the town attract both local and foreign investors making it grow in leaps and bounds.


Nakuru has an upcoming Airport


Construction of a Ksh 3 Billion airport by The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) in Nakuru is set to begin is set to begin.

Nakuru airport will facilitate export of agricultural goods and as well increase air transport.


Favourable weather


Nakuru County enjoys favourable weather which is conducive for agriculture, the county’s main economic activity.

All these factors have led to massive appreciation of land prices in Nakuru by 12.7 percent according to County Land Price Report. This makes a Nakuru a hot spot for real estate investment.

If you an investor looking for a place you can reap benefits Nakuru is the best to consider investing in this year.