Red flags To Check Out in Any Property Transaction

When looking for a house for sale or land for sale in Kenya do not be ignorant of some red flags.

The could indicate presence of a fraud, rather, be wise enough to detect and pull out of a fraudulent transaction before losing your hard earned money.

Below are some red flags common in land or house buying transaction.


Lack of clear identification of the person purporting to sell the property


Be careful of any person or company claiming to sell a property to you and they only introduce themselves with only a name.

Insist on identification preferably a staff identification card for an individual and a company name, office location, Company Website and Social Media Sites.


Inconsistent information


When you find out that the information you are given by word of mouth does not match with what is on the company website, Social Media Platform or the property itself, take caution so that you do not end up purchasing a non-existing property.


Too good to be true offers


If you find someone who is throwing around offers such as: “100% winning rate” on land or a house, they could be using it as a bait and you may end losing your money and never own a property.

Always take advantage of reasonable offers such as 20% off if you are a cash buyer etc.


Lack of official’s sites to do a background search


Background information is key when looking out for a property to purchase because it is a long term investment.

If you notice a seller does not have a website or a social media sites where you can verify their authenticity, or check out previous reviews from other customers, avoid buying from them.


Lack the willingness to take you to the property site


If a property seller insists on you making payment and they are not willing to take you to site take caution as you might end up losing all your hard earned money by purchasing a non-existing property.

Always buy from a company that allows you to view a property you are interested in investing.


Lack of legal documents to prove land ownership


Anyone who is not willing to share with you the land ownership documents for a property you are interested in purchasing does may be fraudulent.

Be very keen or else you might end up losing your investment.