Keys things that successful Chama’s do when investing in Real Estate in Kenya


Chama’s have a become a key investment enabler for many Kenyans. Both the low and middle income earners have formed them and they have helped many achieve their investment dreams.

A chama can be defined a group of people with a common mindset and ideology who come together to achieve a particular goal or objective.

Thousands of Chama’s in Kenya have continued to invest in the real estate industry and their success can be attributed to a number of things as show below.


Choosing the right Chama members

Successful Chama’s in Kenya have mastered the art of having the right members with like-minded goals from go. If you are thinking of forming a Chama to invest in the real estate industry in Kenya gather the right members from the beginning. 


Having a clear vision


If you do not have a clear vision, you end up making little progress or no progress at all. Do not form a Chama for the sake of having one, rather, a successful Chama has a clear vision that enables them focus on one achievable goal.

They do not combine so many activities that take up their resources and time and make them unable to achieve any.


Electing industrious leaders

The most successful Chama leaders pay attention to details, keep their members motivated, inspired and encouraged to achieve their goals. 

Having industrious When looking for a leader who will help the Chama make progress, elect an industrious leader.


Having clear rules for the Chama

Investing in real estate in Kenya as a Chama means you will need to save intentionally and be committed towards achieving your goals of investing.  

Successful Chama’s have a set of rules that govern their activities and make them productive.


Prioritising Savings and investments

Investing in real estate in Kenya means you need to be a disciplined saver and intentional in your investments. Chama’s that have succeeded have always been intentional when making savings on regular basis.


Avoiding distractions from a few Chama members who won’t cooperate

As much as you will be willing to make progress as a Chama, sometimes you will not be able to come to a unanimous agreement. At times not all members will agree to an idea proposed in the group, However good the idea might be.

Successful Chama’s tests and implements ideas that majority of the group members agree with.


Working with a genuine real estate company in Kenya

As a group, you have worked so hard for your money just to lose it anyhow. When deciding which company to invest with, successful Chama’s are keen on identifying a genuine real estate company to invest with such that their investments  remain secure.


Tips to Successfully Select Chama Members


  • Choose like minded people - be careful when selecting members of your Chama, if you have separate goals and visions you will fail


  • Select discipline members who will cooperate - discipline is key when it comes to contributions and commitment, select those who are disciplined.


  • Pick members with financial knowledge - A chama should be able to help you invest and come up with viable ideas, choose chama members with financial insights


  • Choose Chama members who are objective and intentional about savings and investments - this will help the chama achieve its goals


Why do Chamas Fail Terribly in Kenya?


  • Lack of visionary leadership


  • Disunity among the members


  • Chama politics that end up ruining relationships and trust


  • Lack of a clear objective when it comes to decision making


  • Lack of discipline among Chama members that ruin the overall objective


How Many Chamas are in Kenya?


There is no official data on the number of Chamas in Kenya. However it is estimated that there are 300,000 chamas in Kenya.

From the villages to towns, Kenyans have embraced Chamas that have helped them build homes and buy properties.