How to Own Land in Kangundo Road with Ksh 75,000

In 2016, Caroline came across a real estate company selling land in Kangundo Road, an area she always dreamt of buying and building her retirement home. The little known company by then, was offering very prime and affordable plots suitable for a residential home.

When she saw a Facebook post about the plots in Kangundo Road, she decided to give it a trial and true to their word, Username Investments, now the leading real estate company in Kenya delivered on their promise and she owned her first property.

Caroline says, “I was sceptical at first, however, I decided to attend a site visit and view the land then plan my finances. I found many investors some of whom had already invested with Username since 2013. This gave me confidence about the company.

The staff members were friendly and they addressed my concerns especially on title deed delivery. They kept assuring me that they are genuine. My greatest hurdle was finances, I only had Ksh 75,000 but I knew I was committed to own my first plot if only I got a flexible payment plan”.

“I had an honest discussion with one of the staff members on my finances and she informed me that the amount I had was sufficient to book the plot which was selling at Ksh 399,000. I would later clear the balance within one year. With confidence and optimism, I made the payment and my investment journey begun.

This decision challenged me to work harder and meet the obligation to pay for my first investment. To date, she is my Relationship Manager and I have never looked back”.

Caroline adds that, “Investing challenges you to work hard, it is also very addictive, once you cultivate that culture, you find yourself always investing. This also helps you account for your finances. When I look back, I can account for the money I earned and invested in real estate.

Surprisingly, I completed paying for my plot in less than one year and I received my title deed. It didn’t end there, I took up another plot and am now on my third one at Gardenia Estate – Kangundo Road. A journey that started with Ksh 75,000 has now built my wealth in real estate.”

She notes that land prices in Kangundo Road have appreciated over time. She bought her first plot at Ksh 399,000, a second one at Ksh 599,000 and she is now in her third plot which she is purchasing at Ksh 750,000 at Gardenia Estate – Kangundo Road.

Caroline advises everyone to invest in Kangundo Road in 2021 because in 3 years’ time, you will not find a plot in Kangundo Road selling with prices below 2 million.

There are a number of factors attracting real estate investors to Kangundo Road and Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investments agrees with Caroline that in deed Kangundo Road is an area where you can live and access Nairobi CBD conveniently. It is also one satellite town within Nairobi Metropolitan area where you can find prime eighth acre plots selling with prices below Ksh 1 million.

Below are some of the factors that have led to increased demand for land in Kangundo Road areas;


  • Infrastructural growth

Kangundo Road has experienced massive infrastructural developments. This includes expansion of Kangundo Road which is set to increase transport convenience. From selling plots with prices as low as Ksh 400,000, the area now has plots selling with prices over 1M due to infrastructural growth.

  • Less congestion

Many Kenyans prefer owning land in a less congested area as this provides a calm and serene environment for a residential home. Kangundo Road offers all these and this has attracted a number of real estate investors looking for residential plots in the outskirts of Nairobi CBD.

  • Convenient public transport and proximity to Nairobi CBD

As an investor you can access Kangundo Road via public transport conveniently and this makes it an ideal place to build your residential home and still run errands in Nairobi CBD.

Currently, Username Investments is offering prime and residential land in Kangundo Road at Ksh 750,000 only for an eighth acre plot. Just like Caroline with only Ksh 75,000, you can book a plot in this project dubbed Gardenia Estate Kangundo Road and enjoy a flexible payment plan of up to 12 months.

To invest at Gardenia Estate Kangundo Road Call 0725 000 222 or Email;