The truth about investing in land in Kenya and not any other investment

The truth about investing in land in Kenya and not any other investment

There are very many investment opportunities available for investors such as unit Trusts, Sacco’s, Stock market, real estate in Kenya, treasury bills, treasury bonds, manufacturing among others.

Majority of the mentioned investment vehicles are coupled with overhead running costs, uncertainties and they strictly require you to conform all your energy towards developing the investment you have desired to venture into. However, there remains only one long term investment that provides immense cash flow that you need to consider in your next investment decision. Land is the single most investment that appreciates in value without incurring any costs.

Vacant land needs no refurbishing or renovation

You most probably have an experience of being a tenant and you have to continually inform the landlord/ agent of a leaking sink, chipped floor and repainting of your wall. A vacant land has no such expenses you sit back with your title with no extra expenses. Land is an investment that has no overheads cost yet the value appreciates on a daily basis.

Vacant land has no predicaments and no repair costs

A piece of land has no cause of alarm of future uncertainties, there is no fear of your land relocation, reduction in size, collapse or physical theft. Possession of a title deed also give you peace of mind.

No need of mortgages

Vacant land has prices as low as Ksh 199,000. This is easily affordable on cash basis or even instalment payment plans and you may not need a loan to buy an affordable property.

What to invest in your land is solely a decision on your shoulders

Vacant land provides the owner with an opportunity to decide what to invest in the land. An individual can choose either to invest in construction or agriculture depending with the location of the property.

It’s a deal you can make virtually

Technology has brought convenience and with digitization of land records it is very possible to search the details of the land you are interested in online where you can also book a plot, make payments and submit your documents for land transfer facilitation.

The cheapest long term investment

Land is an asset that appreciates in value. You can actually buy land to resell it at a higher price in future especially a property in prime location with upcoming developments. You will find an area such as Nakuru has an average appreciation of land prices at 12% according to County Land Prices. This means that you are assured of reaping capital gains from your property.


Land investments is a huge opportunity that reaps maximum benefits. The next time you think of Investments, think land.