Key things to keep in check before you begin constructing your own home

Key things to keep in check before you begin constructing your own home

Everyone desires to have a place to call home. A number of Kenyans consider beginning their investment journey by purchasing an affordable land and later building a home. If you are among those who already own a plot in a satellite town in Kenya and looking forward to build your family home, below are the key things to keep in check before you begin your construction journey

  1. Come up with a budget -  Lack of proper budgeting is a major cause of stalled buildings in many areas in Kenya. To prevent such a scenario, plan well with the help of a professional quantity surveyor and have a breakdown of all the expected costs for each aspect of the building.


  1. Conduct a title deed search of the land you are intending to develop – always conduct a title deed search before you embark on any development on your property. This will help ascertain that indeed, your details as the legal owner of land are properly captured by the Ministry of Lands. This will help you avoid any future property tussles with any third party.


  1. Gather an ideal team for your building project. Conduct a thorough research and identify a competent architect, engineer and a contractor that you can comfortably work with and have the project delivered in good time. The right team will help you understand the building regulations in your area and the type of structures allowed because some areas are only for commercial while others are for residential developments. A professional Team will also help you get the necessary approvals for your building and the right materials that will ensure quality work is delivered.


  1. Have a thorough preparation of your land – These may include clearing any unwanted vegetation, clearing the roads to make the area more accessible and also organizing for security of the construction materials and the site itself.


  1. Bring social amenities closer - having key amenities such as water before the construction begins saves you in costs and time during construction. In case you are considering the use of advanced machinery, you can get electricity connection beforehand.


  1. Engage a lawyer when signing your contracts with your suppliers, architects and contractors among others a lawyer will come in handy to help you in drafting the agreements and also oversee the signing of the same.


  1. Begin construction of your building - once you gather the right team and have all the necessary approvals, you can now begin developing your home. Ensure you regularly visit the site to inspect the progress in person and also ensure that the agreed timelines are well met.