3 Unique Things You Can Do in Ngong over the Weekend

There are various things and activities you can consider to do over a weekend. If you are living around Nairobi, you can consider visiting Ngong and doing  number of things as articulated below

Site Visit to Upcoming Luxurious Estates around Ngong


Growth of Ngong town has seen the rise of both middle and high end estates. This can inspire you to envision how your dream home will look like.

Some notable estates that are built up and are upcoming include;


  1. Ngong Ridge


As you drive along the proposed Greater Southern bypass, you will come across this estate that is only 7 kilometres from Ngong.

This estate was conceptualized in 2019. Few years down the line, the estate is already built-up and people are already residing.

This is a clear depiction of how Kenyans are gradually moving from Nairobi CBD to its outskirts.

Driving through this project inspires you as a young investor to put your money in an affordable land and build gradually.


  1. Ngong Breeze


This is recent estate that has a gated community concept. The estate is expected to have 53 residents only.

Currently, the developer of the estate is grading the access roads, fencing and putting up a gate. This will make it make it ready for immediate residential development.

This property is only 16km from Ngong Town along the Ngong – Kibiko- Suswa tarmac. As you drive across this road, you will notice other estates coming up such as the renown Ngong Crescent and Fountain Field Ngong.

On a Saturday morning, you can choose to visit these among other luxurious estates just to have a feel of how Ngong has gradually become a real estate hub and a home to Nairobians.


Road Trip along Ngong-Suswa Tarmac


On a one weekend in the company of your friends, you can take a road trip along this 70 kilometre new tarmac road.

The road cuts across Kajiado county and has beautiful views of Ngong Hills, the SGR, resorts and high end estates.

The road has spurred growth across Kajiado and in less than an hour you can experience Maasai rich culture while on the road.

Later you can enjoy well-cooked Nyama Choma in Ngong to mark a weekend well spent in Kajiado county.


Hiking in Ngong Hills


Accessing Ngong Hills is very easy either using public transport or private means. Ngong Hills is located 22km southwest of Nairobi city.

You can choose to trail across the hills and enjoy the beautiful views of the Great Rift Valley and the Nairobi skyline.

This is a good opportunity to exercise. The natural breeze also provides a refreshing environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Either as a group or as an individual the environment is ideal for self-reflection and relaxation.


SGR Trip along The Great Rift Valley from Ngong to Suswa


The Ngong – Suswa SGR is complete and operational. It meanders through Ngong, to the Great Rift Valley unto Suswa.

Notably, this SGR route has the longest tunnel in East Africa and second in Africa.

This will be an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature using the safest means of transport to and from Suswa.

These are many activities that individuals or groups can undertake in Ngong just to relax and refresh. The above are just but a few.

While at it, make the best out of it and probably make Ngong your residential home by investing in an affordable plot.