Everything You Need to Know About Fences in Kenya

You will agree with me that fencing provides, privacy, beauty and a sense of security to any property.

If you have a piece of land that you are considering fencing, below are the different types of fences to choose from when considering fencing your property.


Stone or Brick Perimeter Wall/ Fence

This is one of the most popular in urban areas due to the ability to offer privacy and inability to break it through.

There are various contractors who can share various quotations for this type of fence.


Wood Fences

This type of fence uses natural products but has the disadvantage of invasion by termites and other insects, this leads to its reduced life span.

With the growing scarcity of trees, this types of fence is turning out to be pricier.


Use of plants 

This is the use of plants such as cypress or bougainvillea. Bougainvillea is a climbing flower that has a sprawling collection of woody and twisting branches which have thorns.

This type of fence provides a natural aspect in your compound and provides a breath of fresh air.


Chain-link Fence

They are common but have spaces in between so they don’t offer much privacy. They are comparatively cheap and require little maintenance.


Corrugated iron sheets Fence

Offers a lot of privacy and is easy to maintain since all it needs is occasional repainting to make them look appealing once more.


Combination Fence

This means that you have a basic fence made of chain link, barbed wire or part-stone and then have a climbing or creeping plant on it for additional privacy.

This combination provides a beautiful view of the whole compound.


Electric fence


In many urban areas, people electrify their fences for enhanced security. It involves placing a wire above the stone wall that gives a mild electric shock to intruders.

In conclusion, always consider a type fence that suits and your family needs and also meets your intended budget.

Additionally, ensure that your property gets the much needed privacy and security.


Do you have additional comments on types of fences? Feel free to share with us.