This is How to Get Your Real Estate Facebook Account Verified

A blue tick verification of your Facebook Page symbolizes its authenticity. It helps your followers differentiate between your official page and a fake one.

The verification is applied to eligible brands, media organizations and public figures.

The real estate sector in Kenya and the world thrives on trust, delivery of title deeds and genuine properties to clients and as such having a verified account helps your followers get authentic products, services and general information from you as a company and not a third party or a con.

Notably, Username Investments, is the first real estate company in Kenya to have its Facebook page verified. Your real estate company can also have its page verified by following the below key steps.


What are the requirements to apply for Facebook verification?


  1. Your account must represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  2. Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents.
  3. Your account must be complete and active
  4. Your account must represent a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity.


There are two ways to verify your Facebook page


  1. Using a phone number
  2. Using a document


How to verify your Facebook Page using a Phone Number


  1. Go to Page Settings. The settings tab is located on the right side of your screen, above your cover photo.  If you have a Business Manager account, you will need to go to Business Manager to access Settings.
  2. Go to Page Verification - From “General” go to “Page Verification”, click “Edit” and then click “Verify this Page.”
  3. Enter the publicly listed phone number for your business or organization then click “Call Me Now.” Facebook will call the number you provided and give you your verification code.
  4. Enter the code to verify your Facebook page.


How to verify your Facebook Page with a document

  1. Verify your page with a document by clicking “Verify this Page with documents instead.”
  2. Upload Document. You can upload a business utility or phone bill, business license, business tax file, certificate of formation, or articles of incorporation. The information you share will not be shared to the public.
  3. You will receive a confirmation stating that the document you provided is under review. You will hear from Facebook via email.


Getting your real estate facebook page verified is easy and straight forward as outlined in the above steps.