How land selling companies in Kenya can help achieve Affordable Housing.

How land selling companies can help achieve Affordable Housing in line with Vision 2030.

As the country marks 12 years since the launch of Vision 2030 in 2008, there is a need to evaluate the progress made in provision of decent housing. In 2017, the President launched the Big Four development pillars. The agendas are expected to be executed by 2022. Among the four pillars is the Affordable Housing Pillar that aims at providing adequate, standardized and well-spaced houses with continuous supply of clean water and electricity. The houses are to be located in decent places and be available to both the lower, middle and upper class in the society. The government is in the process of implementing the Housing Agenda, however, only 500,000 units will be constructed. The prices will range from Kshs 600,000 – Kshs 3M.  If trusted land selling companies can join hands in this initiative more families will be settled by 2030. Below are some of the ways land selling companies can help achieve the Affordable Housing Agenda.

Providing affordable land in areas close to urban centres

To begin with, many of the established cities have satellite towns. These are area where individuals can buy land at affordable prices and settle in their own homes as they work and run businesses in city centres.  The areas include Ngong, Nakuru, Kangundo Road, Matuu, Konza, Athi River etc. Land selling companies can provide properties with prices as low as Ksh 200,000 in these satellite towns. This will be a great step towards home ownership where Kenyans can buy affordable land and build their own homes gradually thus increasing the number of home owners by 2022.

Adding value to the land for sale to make it ready for immediate development

This can include but not limited to grading access roads, fencing the properties, installing an estate gate and providing water and electricity. These will make the properties ready for development by investors who can readily build their residential homes.

Delivering title deeds to investors

Title deeds enable investors develop properties. Title deeds also provide legal ownership of land. This key document is also useful in seeking building approvals. When land selling companies deliver on title deeds, they will enable Kenyans put the land into use. In conclusion, the Affordable Housing Agenda will easily be achieved when genuine real estate companies also play a role. This will ensure that Kenyans have a place to call their own at affordable prices. This will be made possible when they provide affordable and value added land with ready title deeds and ready for immediate development.