What to look out for in a real estate Company before investing

Land is a preferred investment vehicle for most Kenyans. However, due to high-priced properties, most of the Kenyan population have not been able to afford to buy a piece of land, therefore, they are looking for land within their incomes. A real estate Company in Kenya that has below characteristics will therefore win a number of customers.

  1. Affordability and flexible payment options -  A Company that offers affordable land with prices ranging from Ksh 199,000 and above with flexible payments carries the day in Kenya. This is because majority of Kenyans will prefer purchasing a property that will give them an opportunity to pay in a longer period of time.
  2. Strategic location- plots for sale that are located in areas with upcoming development projects in the near future such as The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), dual carriages and by passes and preferred by most investors. Also affordable plots with close proximity to urban areas such as Ngong, Matuu, Konza, Athi River, Kangundo Road, Tinga, Naivasha and Nakuru will be considered by the low and middle income earners.
  3. Title delivery- A title deed is a legal document constituting evidence of a right, especially to ownership of property We ensure we deliver title deeds within 6-10 months to give investors the ability to develop their properties or resell it in future.
  4. Value additions- in all our properties we ensure we put a perimeter fence, an estate gate, grade the access roads, install water and electricity to make the properties ready for immediate settlement.