Tips to Identify a Genuine Real Estate Company in Kenya

Thousands of Kenyans are currently looking for affordable land and affordable houses to invest in Kenya.

While there exist hundreds of real estate companies, there is need for each and every investor to invest in a real estate company offering genuine properties and delivering on title deeds.

Below are tips to help you identify a  genuine real estate company in Kenya


Willingness to allow you conduct due diligence


Forget all the pleasant talk by real estate agents and the admirable pictures of properties shared on the internet.

Request the company to take you to the site where you can physically view the property either it’s a plot for sale or house.

Also, you can go ahead and conduct title deed search in the Lands Registry to determine the legal owner of the property you would wish to purchase.

Additionally, consider visiting the company’s physical offices as part of your due diligence.


A company with a rich history


When you are looking for properties for sale in Kenya, talk to companies that have existed for some time.

Avoid buying land from new property firms as they might have little experience in the industry.

Alternatively, consider investing with companies that have existed for long and have a solid portfolio of the projects they have offered, are offering and the number of title deeds they have issued to investors.

Look out for an award winning Company


A real estate company that has been previously rewarded for exemplary performance in the industry is a perfect choice when looking out for a real estate firm to invest with.

Industry recognition indicate that the company has stood out amongst peers.

Registered and licensed companies


You have a right to request for certifications of registration such as business registration and industry licensing.

These indicate that the company is operating legally in the country.

If the representatives are not willing to provide these documents, that is a cause for alarm for you as an investor.

A company with a conveyance lawyer


There is a great increase of fraudulent activities in the real estate industry in the country.

Land investment is a long-term investment that deserves serious attention.

Ensure that the company you would wish to invest with has a lawyer who oversees signing of legal documents.

A Company with positive online reviews


Always seek to know the experiences of previous investors in the company.

A real estate company with a high number of positive reviews indicate that the company has been tested and trusted by investors and you can then go ahead and invest with them.


Finally, investing in real estate is a long term goal, always take your time and analyze before you invest.