Legal and Genuine Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya

Have you been looking forward to buy genuine land and plots in Kenya?. Below are the legal steps to follow.

Background search of the property vendor


To begin with, look out for a leading, award winning and a genuine land selling company.

For example, go through their website and social media pages for a background check.

Similarly, listen to client’s testimonials to know more about the company from previous clients. After you are satisfied, go ahead and contact your preferred land selling company.

Obtain a land map of your preferred land


Secondly, purchase two maps from Lands Ministry or from a surveyor.

They are drawn to scale and they will show you the exact location of the land and the neighbouring farms.

Physically visit the land for sale


Thirdly, visit the plots for sale in Kenya and experience first-hand on ground information.

Attend site visits to view the properties.

Avoid a land selling company offering you plots in Kenya and are not willing to show them to you.

Conduct a Title Deed Search at the Lands Registry 


Once you have identified and expressed interest, request for a copy of the property’s title deed and conduct a search in the respective Land Registries.

Land selling companies in Kenya that allow you to conduct a title deed search give you the ability to establish the true landowners.

It also helps you know whether they have all the necessary rights to transfer ownership of plot for sale to you.

Make payments and obtain receipts


Make the payments for your preferred plot and ensure that you obtain an official receipt. 

Additionally, be keen on the prices of the property and ensure that it is all inclusive of title transfer fee and stamp duty.

This will ensure that you do not have to pay an extra amount in future.

Sign the legal documents and have a Lawyer oversee the process awaiting title deed transfer


Land transfer is a legal process involving signing of key documents.

These documents include an Offer Letter, Sale Agreement and a Title Deed Transfer form.

During this land buying process, ensure you sign these documents, witnessed by the Investment Company’s Lawyer and your personal lawyer.

This will ensure that the transfer process goes on smoothly.

Above all, ensure you also get the exact timeline of title deed transfer and follow up to ensure they deliver within the given timelines.

Post Purchase Activity


Lastly, after receiving your title deed, it is recommended that you do another search at the Land Registry.

This will help you ascertain that the land now reads your details.

Once this is done you are now a proud land owner and you can consider investing in another land for sale