All You Need to Know About Property Viewing. How to Go About It


The issue of land ownership having been characterized by fraudulent transactions in the past, is a cause for alarm to both the current and the future investors.

If you are still not sure on investing in real estate, make an effort of attending a day organized by your potential real estate investment partner.

They are referred to as Open Days and the provide an ample opportunity of addressing your investment fear.

Below are the main reasons why you must attend open days:


You get to physically see the land, the demarcated plots and the beacons 


To begin with, the beauty of physically visiting a project is that you experience first-hand information.

This includes the soil texture and the exact physical location of your future land.

This also gives you an opportunity to view the plots the beacons.

The value additions done to the projects are also visible such as the fence, gate, water, road networks and electricity connection. 

In addition, you will get to see value additions done on the property.

A genuine real estate company in Kenya, will ultimately organize open days for all their projects.

Meet and interact with the management and staff members of your investment company 


First, any potential investor must have questions behind their mind regarding the projects.

An open day is an opportune time for you to raise any concern and ask for clarifications from the Investment Companies representative.

Feel free to ask and get directed on the potential investment opportunities in the project you wish to invest in.

Make use of the open day and build a relationship with the company’s representatives.

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Meet and interact with the current and future investors

An open day is a great opportunity to meet with clients who have done business with the company previously.

Feel free to ask them of their previous experience. Their experience must have been good if they made time to attend yet another Open Day with the same Investment Company.

You also share a piece of your mind with potential investors just like you.

You might be shocked the plots are sold out at your sight.

This means you should always attend open days when fully prepared to invest.

At the end of it all you will discover it was a worthwhile course to attend the Open Day.


You will explore the surrounding area projects and have a feel of the local area 


Investment companies make prior promises on the possibility of infrastructural development closer to the project.

An open day is a perfect chance for you to get the finest details possible regarding the upcoming projects.

Get to know how your investment will be close to the road and other major developments.

Learn the real deal 


An open day opens your mind to future investment opportunities. The relationships made and the information gathered is an enough resource on the deal ahead.