A gated community refers to any type of residential neighbourhood that has controlled access for residents.

Gated communities have a name and a clear geographical definition as marked by the barriers and gates that control access.

These areas are also characterised by graded roads, piped water, perimeter fence, estate gate and electricity connection.


Advantages of living in a gated community in Kenya


Gated communities are secure


To begin with, gated communities offer security that compared to non-gated communities.

Furthermore, they have controlled entry that offers residents assurance of their own safety and that of their premises.


Safe environment


Secondly,residents with children have a safe playing environmentfor their kids to run around and play. This also provide the real sense of a home to residents.


Gated communities have rules and codes of conduct

After investors come together in gated communities they agree on a set of rules and regulations that each one of them adheres to. These rules are important as they require everyone to take care of their homes and surrounding property, which helps to keep the appearance and value of the community up to their required standard.


Amenities are available to the residents exclusively


Apart from security, another popular feature of gated communities is the exclusive facilities.

They include.a recreational facilities e.g. swimming pools, playgrounds that the community may agree to put up in their common areas making the area attractive both to the internal and external communities



Some gated communities are tucked away in the leafy suburbs that are less populated, less conspicuous, away for noisy areas, roads with strict access to the compound.

This offers a greater feeling of privacy and creating an air of exclusivity.


Sense of community


People living in gated communities end up developing a greater sense of communal amongst them. This is because of the controlled access to the compounds.

Neighbours are normally familiar with each other, they know who stays where, what belongs to whom and who is a stranger this results in a greater freedom in trusting and enjoying familiarity with each other.